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I'm glad you're seeing and eating and experiencing beautiful things. My sister and I have talked about going to India together some day, but I'm on the fence for all the reasons you mention.

As for the physical discomfort, I know exactly this sensation.

We'd been on the road for 3 weeks with our Thailand foodie group, and when we checked into yet beyond-run-down another hotel -- after having been promised middle-class accommodations -- I flipped out.

(I was prepared for spartan, but this room had boogers smeared on the windows, disintegrating drywall, and black mold so foul that Cameron marched across the street and bought Lysol and a scrub-brush. He stripped to his skivvies and scrubbed like a maniac just so I could finally have a decent shower. Too bad someone else's used, hairy soap was in the dish.)

While the rest of our group got ready for dinner, we snuck out to the cyber-cafe and booked two lifesaving luxuries: One-way plane tickets back to Bangkok, and 5 nights at the Four Seasons.

We missed out on the tail end of our itinerary, and some of our tour buddies were truly upset by our split. But I tell you, that first air-conditioned night between 600-thread-count sheets was worth all the tears.

Thank you for sharing your trip with us. It really does sound lovely. (Well, maybe everything except for the monkey genitals.)

Tar Heel

Great stuff on Taj! I wanna use it.

Little known fact: Inside, there's a Dell support center. It's a graveyard - of tech support.

A friend of mine was in an exchange program years ago with Romania. The country had just come out of dictatorial rule; when the exchange family came over here, they were stunned by everything we take for granted. A grocery store completely amazed them and they wondered if all the stuff was actually for sale to anyone. On the reverse of the exchange, my friend learned that in Romania all Americans are considered wealthy - and, by their standards, virtually all of us are.


Hey girl...how are you? You didn't come back with malaria or some other evil travel disease, did you? I hope you are well and I hope that whatever is keeping you away from the keyboard is wonderful! :)


Your blog is super. So are your photographies. They make me hungry. I have spent a nice moment when seeing them. Thanks a lot.


I enjoyed reading your entry about India. I found your blog today after googling "rosca de reyes" and I was happily surprised to find such a cool cyberspace! My husband and I were in India a bit after your trip, and it was wonderful... we too visited the Taj and it is a lovely place, but I agree with your impressions...

Keep up the good blogging!

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