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I wish I'd learnt some baking from you when you were here! I am dreeeaming of warm bread and olive oil now.


One word : "Babka"

Heather in SF

Sounds delicious! Someday you should try Penzey's Sunny Spain (no salt) mix, I love lemon too and found this is stronger than Lawry's but not overwhelming.


How did this turn out? I've been waiting and wondering ;-). I *am* a novice at breadmaking, but love the *looks* of recipes in this cookbook. Poor results do discourage me, though, as I tend to blame my inexperience rather than the recipe ... so would sure like to know how the basic white bread dough recipe turned out.


Acht, please ignore my first comments. I misinterpreted. I'm battling cold brain not really working. So the white bread recipe did turn out okay! Yeaaa! I am going to try it, and think I too will use some monterey jack rather than all pepper jack.) Did you make the peanut butter fudge bread? I can't find it (which means nothing given how foggy I am right now). So many luscious-sounding recipes in that cookbook. Hope you decide to try more of them.

Deborah Dowd

This sounds amazing- great for these cold fall evenings!

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