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Charles sounds like a wonderful man. You are a lucky woman!


Ha! Good you stopped to get a wedding ring!

Those carpet dealers are something, aren't they? In Thailand, all the transport drivers get kickbacks in the form of gas coupons for bringing tourists in. My driver and I had a good relationship so I visited 3 of those carpet shops before declairing...enough! Ah well, now I know more about carpets than I ever wanted to. :)

I recently Mohammad Yunnis (Noble Peace Prize winner who started the Grameen Bank & the microlending program for women) and he talked about starting a nationwide program in India...selling cheap, fortified yogurt. It's a way to ensure children get their nutrition (because it's fortified), they make it very affordable so everyone can purchase it, and because of the better nutrition, brain development in young children and other curable early develoment issues are starting to be resolved. I'd be curious to see if you can find that yogurt. He said even the container is either edible or biodegradeable....

Also, I read a piece in the New York Times about how the rising costs of edible oils is having a severe impact--especially in developing nations. Since fried foods are a large part of the Indian caloric intake, this is having a huge impact. The story mentioned that oil has increased so much that people are having to make other decissions (like cutting out meat) to be able to afford it.


Doug Cress

Traca, so nice following your adventures abroad. The oil tidbit is pretty amazing.


I just giggled through this whole post.

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