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What a fun post! I've been sneaking in box brownies on my co-workers for years. They rave about the box and were less than enthusiastic about the scratch version made with over $20 in chocolate. Go figure...

jen maiser

I just don't know what to think about this. But it does make me curious about what I would choose!


I did a similar test. A homemade version (though w/ less sugar than called for, but w/ Guittard chocolate chip) and Ghiradelli brownie from a box. A friend who is a foodie picked the box. The horror! So it's the box for convenience and price wise too.


I can't believe how true this is. I work from home and am expected and do create most everything from scratch. However, when my son recently celebrated a birthday I still refused to serve the cheap store bought variety yet opted to continue my relationship with Mr. Hines.
I may have slaved over the party favours, guacamole and the like but the cake is what garnered the highest accolades.
Sure I may have decorated it, but apparently gone are the days of heart-warmed homemade cake.

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