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Yum, I love onion rings and these ones sound so great.


These look great! It's been a while since I had onion rings, too.


Two things:
1) Holy shit! Deelish.
2) What just happened to your blog?
OK, three:
3) Michael Chiarello... mm.


BLT plus onion rings....what could be better.

I love your site.

Chris & Samantha

Hey where did you first see that deep fat fryer? those onion rings look great!


Look forward to trying the onion rings. I would treasure some help with learning what this sight is about. Felllow food person with a passion and much knowledge to share in food. Thanks


Boo: thanks!

Nic: I can't beleive how great these turned out for a first try.

Cookie-you got that right. and my blog insisted on a new dress!

Ruth- why thanks! I appreciate your kind words.

C&S: Yes, indeed, the Mt. 'Test Kitchen' was where I first experienced the glory of this machine during that blur and daze of Oaxacan eating.

Barbara-thanks for stopping by--just me exploring good food from everywhere

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