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Eva Finzi

As a child living in Iran, I remeber khoresh fesenjan being made with duck and if somebody made it with meatballs or chicken, my mum a purist and a snob (in the positive sense) in all matters and the culinary would wrinkle her nose and say "better eat a little but the bst quality". But to get to my point, I have been looking at a lot of recipes and I have tried some of them with onion and the flesh sautéd and the, to my mind little amounts of walnut and pomeganate, and my conclusion is that the way it was cooked in my house takes the crown. Equal weights of walnut and flesh and lots of pomegranate juice/purée. No onion or oil, or frying. Bring the duck slowly to the boil and take off the skum add some turmeric, then the ground walnuts and pomegrante juice/purée, salt and sugar. Let it cook slowly until the duck has fallen apart and all the ingredients are combined. The dish is ready when the duck and walnut oils come to the top. The taste should have a hint of sweetness but be tart. It is best to be mean with the sugar until the end. Hope you like it if you try it the fesenjan, in this way. A little of this dish goes far!

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