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Tar Heel

Buffet is awesome. I love his appearances on Charlie Rose. Now that John Edwards has been revealed as a facade of a man (like I always knew a millionaire lawyer would be), I think of his $400 haircut, and then I think of Buffet, who looks like he gets his hair cut at Great Clips. Buffet is genuine and his insights should be required reading for anyone trying to negotiate a global economy.

Do they have movie rentals at your hotel? Pick up if you can some of Michael Palin's travel series. I imagine they would be even more enjoyable when you're "in the field" than they are here on our cosseted couches.

Mend those rips in the mosquito netting,



What a wonderful post! (Was that comment by Warren Buffet or Bill Gates?)

I'll never forget traveling to Cuba as an American citizen during the time Elian Gonzales was being held "hostage" in the US. Nightly news showed massive protests in Cuba and even angrier voices in Miami. For the first time, I considered sewing a Canadian maple leaf on my backpack. I decided against it because, regardless of how I feel about the situation, I am an American. So I braced myself...and landed in Havana.

I found a gracious, kind people with a warmth and generosity that knows no bounds. The little old men play music in the park and if you linger long enough, you just might be asked to dance....People smile and say hello on the street...and invite you to dinner. I'd say somewhat apologetically, "But I'm American." (As if I'm not worth of such kindness.) One man with a deeply lined face, lowered his voice and said, "We know the difference between you and your government." It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it....Kindness and strangers...it's a beautiful thing.

I love hearing about your trip...and can't wait to see what develops next!

jeanne bee

mike: the value of mosquito netting on the backwater cruise was high...I spent an evening wresting for air with those buggers...and thinking SOOOO glad I took the malaria meds...not to mention the Cipro!

T: I KNOW exactly what you mean. EXACTLY.

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