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Nice, thank you. Now can you tell me the difference between squash and pumpkin??

I grew up calling the Japanese Kabocha pumkin(squash?) a pumpkin....but apparently it's a squash and not a pumpkin. Same goes with Potimarron, which according to the French is a Potiron (pumpkin) that tastes like Marron (chestnut) hence the name. So I've always thought of it as a kind of pumpkin...but I've heard it called Hokkaido Squash here. What gives?

I yearn for a simpler time in Bangkok, where pumpkins were always just pumpkins, and squash was a racket sport you play in a room with one wall made of plate glass!



My wife and I have a wager. She says all pumpins are squash and I disagree. Can you please enlighten us and bring harmony back to the dinner table??
Many thanks,

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