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jen maiser

Hurray for the Blackberry Truck!


Mmmm ... I'm gonna make me some blackberry noir martinis tonight. Something about summer puts me in a cocktail mood, and this sounds just perfect.


Oh, this cocktail is irresistible!


They have fireflies in Boston? I've never seen them!

Love this blackberry post. Blackberries grow wild all over California, though you have to be careful about the poison oak, which tends to grow wild right along side blackberries. Best in August.

We grow boysenberries which come ripe in late May/June. By July they are all gone. With a little sugar, served over vanilla ice cream, yum!

gwen sutherland kaiser

hi there, i featured your cocktail in a post i did! check it out:


cheers, gwen


hi again, another blog picked the post i did on you up. check em out:


Jennifer Jeffrey

I grew up in Oregon, surrounded fruit-heavy blackberry bushes. Though we didn't have fireflies, your beautiful post brings back lots of memories.



Made a version of this last week. I used some of my housemade limoncello, and a bit more simple syrup to bring out the berry flavor. Blackberries are gorgeous, but not really the most distinctive in flavor, are they? :-) Still, the color of the drink was stunning.

I need a finer sieve, though -- I used a drop of the puree in some prosecco to make a bellini-esque concoction, and it turned into a mess of black flecks. Ugliest cocktail ever.

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