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Jennifer Jeffrey

Every month is Ice Cream Month in my life! I'm a big fan of Bombay Ice Creamery... they have a rosewater-pistachio (maybe? I hope that combination is right) that is super-yum.

The Japanese combo you mentioned sounds intriguing... wish I could get my hands on some of that. In the meanwhile, I'm going to check out Dr. Bob's!


Hi. I was just looking around at comments others left on other food blogs, and you ice cream post made me stop and look. I work at an ice cream cafe owned by Argentinians, we have 48 artisan flavors, one being goat cheese and fig! mojito sorbet is a favorite of mine. I love you mentioning of history and explanations aside from recipes, thats what i do in my own blog. until your next post--


We love Crescent Ridge! We lived in Mansfield for a year & a half and it was our favorite ice cream in the area.

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