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Monkey Gland

Growing up with an Italian mother this was always a mystery dish to us...something other kids got but my mother would sneer at, it still has a certain furtive feel to it when I make it which makes me love it all the more...


Your post made me have macaroni and cheese for dinner last night. But because of the insanely neon-orange noodles in the top photo, I decided to whip up a box of Kraft Mac n Cheese! It was (well, yeah, Monkey Gland, "furtive") -- transgressive!


Lovely bit of food history there. That's the most interesting part about food--the manner in which it comes to be associated with particular cultures.

Btw, the recipe sounds yummy too. Though I have never tasted macaroni and cheese, I just may give in to the temptation...


Cheese and noodles, really what is better?

Cookie, have no guilt..everyone crumbles even a good "local" like yourself every now and then!

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