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Ah, nanaimo bars. I do love them. But beware! There are many imposters out there in the coffee shops.... (I think some of the fakes have been made with margarine - brrr - instead of butter) And out here in the east, I've actually heard people claim that they are called "New York Bars" (Oh my.)

Yours look close to the real thing though. Even though they don't have any coconut and nuts in the brownie part - I suspect that those are indeed your missing flavours. The other thing that I like is when people make the bottom and middle layers even in depth.

And I? Have I ever tried making these wonderful squares? No, I'm afraid not. (although this is perhaps a good thing, considering the trouble we are having with shrinking waistbands)

-Elizabeth, who me, an opionated western Canadian (even though I live in the east) Nanaimo bar snob??


Just beautiful. I think the closest I've come to a Nanaimo bar is a cheesecake topped brownie. But I like the idea of a peanut butter one. Yum!


i always think that a nanaimo bar would be lovely, but of course, being nowhere near canada and having no access to custard powder, i dont know what to do! your bars are beautiful, and i like that they omit the coconut ive seen in other recipes.


I'm not a big fan of coconut in sweets either, Tanvi, but for some reason, some coconut is a must in a nanaimo bar (for me anyway)

I've seen on some recipes calling for custard powder that vanilla jello pudding powder can be used instead.



wow! those look wickedly wonderful - over-the-top decadence at its delicious best...must agree about the bird's brand custard powder...it's the only one to use...


Hi Jeanne, I love nanaimo bars, and you're right - no one agrees on anything about them! I'll definitely have to try your recipe. By the way, I love the new look of your site!

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