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I toured Italy this summer in a car, collecting recipes and visiting kitchens of chef friends...what an eye-opener! One of my favorites are things I learned to do with lemoncello. The taste is great and the number of dishes one can make from it are truly amazing!

Donna in Harrisburg

Boozy is good! Italy is fabulous. This looks wonderful.


What a delicious-sounding and looking cake! This ia a recipe I am going to have to try...wow!


Jennifer & Donna this cake is good. It was even better on the second day! I know you two will have fun making it. The boozy taste mellowed a bit on day two, also.

Michael, I love limoncello at the end of a meal. I was so happy when I found yet another use for this digestif. More of an excuse to have it around.


Loved this. It was so ligiht and airy.


I ahd this cake at an italian restraunt that si now out of business so i didnt have time to get the recipe but i hope this cake is as good as that one!

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