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Dr. Biggles

Ya know, I used to have spices and herbs set aside for beef or pork or chicken or fish. As it happens from time to time, you run out of one base when you really need it. So, you end up using something blended for beef on chicken. The results have been amazingly good. That's when I started substituting chicken for beef in a traditional pot roast. Of course you don't have the same cooking times, but the chicken & red wine & bay come out luscious, rich and divine (all at the same time). Where you can get in to trouble is with Fish, it usually doesn't have enough backbone to pull it off. I said, USUALLY. There are fish that are fatty and strong enough to handle the bruising of the stronger spices. Yum.



Fish IS a challenge--I hear shark works well--not as easy to come by. My challenge this summer is to perfect R I B S...mmmmmm with a dry rub with a vinegar mop. DELISH...may need to do some field experimentation!

Dr. Biggles

Speaking of fish being a challenge. The family and I just got back from a really nice visit with an old friend of mine and his girlfriend. She's pretty much a vegetarian, fish ... butter. That kind of stuff. The food she laid out was awesome, but what struck me was the Ahi (sp?) Tuna she bought. Olive oil, cracked pepper & fresh lemon juice over a mesquite fire. My 9 year old said, "Pops! Thanks for the pork !!!"

He was right. It was like the pork chops we do. Such a treat.


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