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I'm not a snob about wine packaging - I am sitting here with a glass of wine from a screw top bottle right now - but the brik is close to impossible to recycle, unlike glass.

On the other hand, it would be great to toss into a bag or backpack...you could take it to the ballpark and I can't imagine that they could object to it, which would be great, since the other day I paid $7 for a glass of swill during a baseball game.


I seem to be very sensitive to oxidation in a wine - I can usually still enjoy a glass from a bottle that was opened the night before, but by the third day, I might as well pour it down the drain. Because of this, I've come to really appreciate box/brick wines. Being able to enjoy all of a container of wine, even more than a week after I opened it, is great!

Giant Beverage

If you log onto the tetra pak website, you'll find that tetra paks are recyclable in 13 states, Canada and most of Europe. Unlike glass, tetra paks are biodegradable. They also have a much smaller environmental impact than glass. They really do preserve the wine better too.

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