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Dippin Dots are one of those foods for me - for years I saw them from afar - they are often sold out of vending machines in movie theatres in upstate NY - what could be cooler than "The Ice Cream of the Future" (their tagline) out of a vending machine? So after 25 years of admiring Dippin Dots from afar, I finally tried it. What a dissapointment. It is terrible. Very poor quality ice cream, but not so cheap that it's good in that way ice cream sandwiches from the ice cream truck are. Alas. About once a year I try again, hoping, always hoping, that the ice cream of the future has somehow improved.


I tried them in FLorida two years ago and i haven't been in any rush to revisit them since!


I LOVE Dippin Dots when I go to the beach or to a Amusment park i get a couple bowls of it throughout the day. I love them so much that i am doing a research project on Dippin Dots for school. Thank you for making them they are delicious.


Dippin dots are absoloutley delicious. But why are they so expensive? You can get an entire half gallon of ice cream for the price one three ounces of Dippin Dots. Many more people would buy them if they were less expensive. It is just ridiculous.


I adore dippin' dots, but I live in Scotland and I cant find them anywhere! Do you know if they will be bringing them out in Scotland any time soon?


i love dippin dots i am doing a report on them right now


noooooooooooooooooooo*********************** yum yum

noooooooooooooooooooo*********************** yum yum

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