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jen maiser

Looks like maybe you need a database for this. I might know someone.

Thanks for the note about the Chinese NY Parade. We are going to Rubicon tonight. Doh!


Jeanne,I appreciate you adding my blog to this great list of food blogs.

I was going through you blog and its great.Love it and the New Year's Eve Dinner Menu is awesome ..great photos and congratulations(though belated) as a 'Gourmet Winner'.

Tana Butler

I haven't cross-checked them, but you might find more blogs on the Food Bloggers Global Map. (And anyone who's not yet on it, feel free to stick your pin in. Click the hand and drag to center, then zoom in as much as you want before you stick your pin in.




I know it's a big effort but am so glad you do it! There might be a few new ones here http://blogher.org/node/2002 though it wasn't obviously intended as an exhaustive list like yours.

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