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Oh that photo is positively obscenely gorgeous!!! Yummmm! Wonderful post. Three humongous cheers to you for all of your eat local efforts! And an extra yahoo! for switching to organic sugar (I know it's ridiculously expensive compared to conventional). I said it before, and I'll say it again: You go, girl! : )


I'm on the opposite program. Week 1 went well, half of week 2 is already shot. I'm living in a hotel for 3 days as I go through the the orientation of my grad program. In northern Jersey. 6 hours drive from home and solidly in the middle of strip mall land. So, although I could've done some research and put in some effort, I didn't. At all. Starting grad school is a big enough deal, working 50 hours, as you have been, also - thankfully, everyone doing this online has just been wonderfully supportive of any effort. And I agree, my own re-education is going to lead to some long term changes. And that counts more than this week.

mrs D

I'm finding the time constraints on research to be a bear as well, even though I do live out in agricultural country. Here it's not so much dealing with supermarkets and far too many labels to read, but just making the time to get to the places (mostly farms themselves) that have the local produce. That said, I'm reminded that I really need to get me an iPod one of these days because I've got Lost in a Supermarket stuck in my head half the time I go shopping and it would be really nice to actually hear it sometime instead of just hum it over the musak!

Good luck with the next week (and beyond)!

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