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Dr. Biggles


YAY !!! Taco trucks are great. We had one that would stop out in front here at work for years (gone somewheres now) and they had the best tacos ever. I'd get 4 with grilled onions on top and a cool refreshing jalapeno. There's one, I ain't been yet, that hangs out at the new Target in Berkeley that I hear is worth the travel time. They got brains & lengua, all the good stuff
Don't bother me eating off the trucks, been doing it for over 20 years. Years ago, when I didn't have money that day, they'd feed me anyways and ask me to pay tomorrow. Always did. Thank you Taco Trucks!


A taco truck can brighten any dull day ... that's my motto. And I am especially glad that you found something worth eating near work. That's happy making.

The people who won't eat off taco trucks make me laugh ... and those are the same people who think nothing of eating at Taco Bell drive-through. I guess I shouldn't always assume that people know that a taco truck has the same health standards as a restaurant ...

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