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Jeanne, it was really interesting - never thought about the difference... I'm glad you had a lovely meal there. I was thinking about getting the book, had a quick look the other day and the photos were gorgeous.

I'm sorry I sent the previous message by mistake, I hope you can delete it.


Thanks Keiko-

No worries on the message...I'm going to make a try at the bouchon recipe (aka "high end brownies"this weekend.

Susana Conde

Thank you for your explanation of the difference between a bistro, a brasserie (please, correct the spelling in some places in your article, unless you want to write about the intimate attire for women at a particular French establishment)and a bouchon. I was particularly interested in the bouchon. I received Thomas Keller's book as a Christmas present and have been trying his recipes, one at a time, since then, to great and unfailing success. I recommend it to all who enjoy cooking simply and well. Thanks again, Susana

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