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michelle @ TNS

this is a lot like nigella's clementine cake, except with some flour in the batter. the compote sounds like a nice touch.

gorgeous photo.

jeanne bee

M: thanks! funny how good things are the simplest...nigella (at the end of the link above)...in my research I found other recipes that were very similiar using orange blossom water or orange liqueur.

Mediterranean Turkish Cook

Any kind of dessert with citrus fruit is delicious, especially cakes. I may try it sometime.

Niall Harbison

Hi There. I have just been looking through your blog and it is excellent. I have now bookmarked it and will be a regular reader. I especially like the design and the photos. I am a blogger myself and have set up a site called www.ifoods.tv where bloggers and foodies can share their photos and drive traffic to their own blog. Would love to see some of your great photos on there! Keep the great work up on the blog. Cheers!

Wine Blog

Orange Almond Cake, sounds delicious! I'll print this one out for my wife to make me! Come by and visit!

Sally Parrott Ashbrook

Oranges and almonds are definitely one of the world's great combinations. And I love the DH Lawrence quotation!


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