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Me too! I love Bollywood movies. One of the entries in this years Taste of Yellow has blogged about the symbolism in them. There are a lot of entries from Indian women so check it out on 13th May when I post. I'm doing the round up at the moment.

jeanne bee

the things you learn! I missed Taste of Yellow this year thanks for the heads up!


Jeanne - you have until 19th April to enter if you have time and I will probably extend that by a week for those not entering the photo competition.


I also am simply addicted to Bollywood movies ever since I saw the award winning film Masala - which depicts and the plight of women living in rural villages in India. I think it came out some 15 years ago.

Having been to India 30+ time and many times to Kerela I'll gladly make some suggestions about the gentler India, Kerela. The history of the area is indeed fascinating.

Kerela is 1/3 Muslim, 1/3 Christian 1/3 Hindu with an elected communist government. Oh and did I mention it has a 98% literacy rate?

Seafood is sweet and wonderful in Kerela. The number one industry is shrimp and number two is the coir industry (my field). From the spice auctions to the tea terraces to the Maharaja’s Hunting Lodge to the peaceful backwaters to the coconut richness of curries…………….ahhh………..Kerela is an amazing and diverse state.
The cuisine of Kerela is quite different from the rest of India. Amma’s Cookbook is a treasure on this. If you want some suggestions us email me.


I love bollywood films - they are so charming


On your recommendation, I rented "Om Shanti Om." Although the story-telling was a bit sloppy, I enjoyed it. The badminton sequence in an early musical number (the one from Shanti's film) was especially amazing -- I loved how they synced the racket swings with the music.

And some great lyrics: "My heart is full of the pain of disco / the pain of disco!" (perhaps something was lost in translation).


I saw that lyric as since Om lost his arms and legs in the movie he was filming, he wants to dance disco but can't because of that. Or it just is lost in translation.

I have to agree that the Dhoom Tana song (badminton song) is one of my favorite song and dance sequences in the movie.

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