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This breakfast looks delicious!


I don't like eggs. They're fattening.

jeanne bee

m: thanks! they are delish!
s: eggs are not as fattening as you think--take a new look at the health info on them--as Julia says--everything in moderation!


Mmmm the motuleños look so delicious. I tried them for the first time some 20 years ago in Manzanillo, Mexico, and I think I'll never forget how delicious it was.


my take ..El Rodeo
Mex Resturant..Potanco Rd..San Antonio, Texas..all home made fresh..flour or corn tortillas freshly made...tejano style heuvos rancheros..mild tomato/onion/salsa on top of two over easy eggs...
served with papa refritas,,refried beans mixed with salt bacon topped with cheese,pico de gallo,avacado slices,,slice ham,couple of bacon slices or sausage..and a hot cup of coffee..all for under 7 bucks..
great for morning hangovers...

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