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Thank you so much for linking to my Blogher post on Irish Soda Bread. I had so much fun learning about it, and now I learned even more from your post!


Looks amazing. I love thick, hearty bread with a nice slathering of butter.


Thanks for the mention! I didn't make any soda bread this year, but I have been craving it. That photo only makes it worse:-)


Wonderful post! I love the taste that baking soda brings to breads. Knowing the history makes it tempting to try. Thank you for the great write-up about it.

Deb B (deafsetter)

Thanks for the history & description.I do fundraising for Irish Setter Rescue and at the last event sold Irish Soda bread.So many people asked what it was. I would like permission to use parts of your article to display a sign next to the IS bread.The history is fascinating. deafsetter @ esrescue.org (leave out the spaces)


That picture at the top isn't soda bread, its wheaten.


hi, i would like to site your article for a paper that i am doing, but i can't seem to find the author's name. if you could just tell me your name it would be greatly appreciated =]

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