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There was also an article on May 20 in the SF Chronicle about a school yard garden project in Ghana. An excerpt:

"With gardens, kitchens and orchards, Abenaa Akuamoa-Boateng, Ministry of Health head nutritionist for the Ashanti region in Ghana, is developing a school lunch feeding program to help ensure that recent gains in agricultural productivity improve the health and welfare of children."

(http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2006/05/20/HOGLTITKP91.DTL&hw=ghana&sn=005&sc=721 or http://tinyurl.com/lfszs )


Thanks for introducing Ghana and its foods. It made me think of the African restaurants that I have seen in Paris... and sad to say, I cannot say that I know of any. Although Paris has lots of immigrants from Africa, they aren't represented in the cuisine here. :-(


That's so interestin! I had never even heard about Ghana cuisine before. Though I did once venture into an Ethiopian restaurant in my former London neighborhood and simply adored the food!

Suzanne Vandyck

I am a culinary instructor (Belgian native) in the San Francisco Bay area and teach international cooking classes. I am going to Ghana this coming September and would love to get in contact with locals or chefs to explore the cuisine and culture of Ghana and to bring back recipes to teach African cooking classes to our community.
All tips and contacts are welcome.
Suzanne Vandyck
Cookbook author and culinary instructor for Worldchefs International LLC

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