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I don't suppose you'd consider adding food blogs from the USA to that list?

-Elizabeth, in Canada


Though I'm flattered you'd consider me French, my blog is actually New York-based...


I am very happy to see my "Tasca" here. I have another blog on international food (portuguese language) here: http://elvirabistrot.blogspot.com/



Perhaps you could add Küchenlatein http://ostwestwind.twoday.net to Germany's list. It's a German Foodie Blog written in English and German from the North of Germany


Hi there. Can you move me from the New Zealand category to the Irish one? The blog and myself have had to come home!



Could you please add my blog http://foodphotoz.com/ ?
My country is Latvia



please have a look at my food blog, I am less of a food photographer but more of a passionate cook, food lover and can not stop thinking of food 24/7. I am blogging from the UK but am a Swiss Expat, so it could go under either, Switzerland or UK.


I really enjoyed scrolling through your site. I saw it posted under Portacal Aci a Turkish food site. I am located in the states and would love for you to add my site to your listing under Turkish/American as it is wrote in english mostly. Keep up the great work. Best Wishes Banu


Hi my blog would cover Indian Cuisine. Can you please add my blog to India list. My blog has easy and delcious indian recipes.



I just recently started a blog called international lunchbox. I am working on it becoming an international site.

The Goal is to compile childrens lunch photos from as many countries as possible and to collect the ideas, facts, histories,traditions,and recipies associated with them. Please add to this collection.

I would like to be listed on to your site.

Thank you,

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