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It is really easy to grow. But warn your gardener it is not a weed. My gardener pulled my plant up not realising it was a herb I'd planted especially amongst the lavender and rosemary bushes.

jen maiser

ya, jeanne. be sure you warn your gardener! (chortle)


We use lemon verbena leaves as a substitute for lemongrass.

But lemongrass IS easy to grow. One spring, I had my gardener (hey, wait! that would be me...) go to a Chinatown vegetable stand and buy some lemongrass that still had a few roots on it. I stuck a few stalks directly in the ground, watered them and hey presto, they rooted.

It is a perennial but only to zone 9 (I think). If you are in a colder zone than that and don't have a cat, you can bring lemongrass indoors to overwinter.

Unfortunately, lemongrass is not hardy here and our cat thinks it's for snacking and eats all of it before the next spring rolls around.

one of many pages about growing lemongrass:

Isn't google wonderful?


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