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I agree - do not overbake is oh-so-helpful. Well okay, I won't overbake it!

This recipe sounds delicious - thank you so much for sharing it and for joining in on this month's edition of Sugar High Fridays!


Hi Jeanne - these tarts look really tempting and adorable! It doesn't look like you overbaked it though.


i just had to lol! at your last comment about the recipe comments! hahaha! anyway, your tartlets are so totally cute!


I have a little hint for you about meringue. Swiss meringue is made by gently heating egg whites and sugar over a bain marie and then whipping. This is a more trustworthy meringue if you are using hand-held mixers. The Baker's Dozen Cookbook has some incredible step by step photos of eggwhites too. They are not easy. Congrats on your tiny tasties.

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