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Beverly Levitt

I was just nominated for the IACP award. Very exciting!
I happened to be "surfing the net" tonight & noticed World On A Plate, which included not only a list of the IACP Award Nominations but links to the nominated stories. Great idea! I was thrilled to read all the stories. Until I got to mine.
Since I am self syndicated, my stories appear in many papers. When I punched on "Mother Knows Best," my nominated story which appeared in "The Columbian," the same story, but edited very differently, from another paper popped up. This is not the version of my story that I submitted or that was nominated. I think it's a misrepresentation.
I would like the version of the story that was nominated to appear here and this one removed. I am hoping that the editors of this website will remove this post and replace it with the correct one. Thank you. Beverly Levitt


I've been thinking about your call to have blog writing become more sound in its literary punch...

I approach my blog writing in a manner similar to writing emails. Its off the cuff, spur of the moment, its vernacular. Blog writing strikes me as taking the spoken word and digitalizing it; not the same as a handwritten journal which is more composed and reflective (for me).

Thanks for the homework list, I look forward to going through it.

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