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wow, that was refreshing! I enjoyed the Washington Post article. Thanks


I felt validated after A.O. Scott's article and the Post article myself!


Wow, people either really love or hate this movie. I just read the Washington post article, and I have to wonder if this woman and I saw the same film! This was by far, the best film I've seen in years. Yes, these guys are flawed, even verging on alcoholic, but they are real. This movie isn't about wine, so much as it is about the people, and how they relate to wine, just portrays who they are.

What I really loved about this movie was that it was more about ideas and unpredictability. The scene where Miles was drinking his cherished wine in a fast food restaurant. Superb.

This is a writers movie, full of symbolism, and subtext, and devoid of cheap, feel good moments.

Unlike Million Dollar Baby, which I saw after Sideways. Though this won Best Picture, it was a Paint-by-numbers movie, designed to pull on the heartstrings, with no surprises anywhere.

Just my .02.



Although I haven't seen the movie, I've read a number of posts by waiters who are thoroughly sick of hearing people parrot lines from the movie at them.

I don't eat out at fancy enough restaurants for it to to any good, but I have a minor daydream of being at a nice restaurant with friends and announcing loudly, "Anyone makes any f***ing Merlot jokes and I'm leaving!" :-)

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