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Those look GOOD...have her bring a stand to the EAST COAST :)

I think I'd get addicted to those breakfasts real quickly...maybe I'm better off so far away!


I'll have to try it out!
thanks for the tip Jeanne


WOW. Now this looks like street food I can get on board with! How impressive that a vendor actually takes the time and makes the effort to make the tortillas fresh right there in front of you. Oh, that's it. I'm drooling. And now starving...thanks, Jeanne!


I love Primavera's tamales! I used to buy them all the time from the farmers' market when I lived in Berkeley. I particularly liked one with corn and another one with pinto beans and chipotles.


Hi Jeanne - this looks so delicious! There must be so many nice food in San Francisco, I'd love to visit one day...


I'm drooling and feeling slightly weepy... fresh tortillas with chorizo and pork! Thanks for the reminder to add to my "must visit" list for SF.

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