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So much to learn about probably my favorite nuts. I never really knew why those blasted things used to be dyed red. I love the comment about laughing pistachios. It's so frustrating when they are not laughing.

Have you ever had the pistachios from the guy at the Marin Farmer's Market? The ones from Ferry Plaza are excellent, but I am partial to the flavors from the Marin guy ...


I've had the chili roasted ones. Quite fantastic and a bit too addictive. Alemany has 'nut-man' who is as good at a slighly better cost.


Jeanne this biscotti looks amazing, and sounds even better...just what we needed after the holidays and all that food. And pistachios, while not my favourite, are great in something like this.

Thanks for joining in on SHF this time around and hopefully we'll see you again next month!

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