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When I was in college I did a report on the effects of caffeine on the brain. (I handed out coffee candies to munch on as I gave the report - ha ha) - One of the most interesting things I remember is that one can give up caffeine and only take a week to lose the side effects (cravings, headaches, etc). Everything else you miss is probably behavioral - not physiological.

Oh - ya - and what is up with hot chocolate drinks all of a sudden being so HOT? I guess it's better than those dang boba drinks - hee hee.

I gotta go get more coffee now ...


If you could of just started your caffeine withdrawal with a trip to Oaxaca for a few weeks, where the coffee is weak and the chocolate is so good, it would of been much easier! You could have chocolate de agua every day and you would never even miss the coffee.


The trend of the rich hot chocolate drink is not as new as you might think. It has been pretty popular in Europe for a while. One of the best in my opinions is Angeline Hot Chocolate. Which can be found in a small cafe in Napa, CA near the Napa Theatre, if you are in the neighborhood of course. The roots are from France and still are in France.

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