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i couldn't even begin to watch any of the judging process. i have high regard for bayless and although time has upped my regard of flay from the depths of negative to somewhere above that, i still resent his braggartly displays vs chef morimoto in previous incarnations of this show. it would be worth it to see bayless at work in this atmosphere, though, and it would be a shame to miss the food.


I think it took about fifteen minutes for me to come out of my shock with the results.

How is it that the judges negated almost every aspect of every dish Flay produced and yet gave him the same score as Bayless dishes?

The judges are incompetent. We all know who is king.


As it says at Bayless' website: www.fronterafoods.com

"Our man got buffaloed!"

Bobby Flay's dishes offered new insight to the term "train wreck". If even Alton Brown thinks that masa is cheese then Bayless didn't really have much hope to begin with.


I was so excited when I found out the Bayless was going to be a challenger. When I found out that he was going to compete against Flay, I was hoping the Bayless would trimuph and to my shock and dismay, I was crushed by the judges decision. I totally think this was all rigged. It was a true disappoint. Bayless had better dishes and loved his explanantions for each dish. I really truly think that the winner was Bayless, even food network's viewer poll was stating Bayless as the winner. This show is a joke.


I disagree with the fact that Bayless clearly won. Don't get me wrong- his food is amazingly pure, fresh, and vibrant. I just think that what most Americans want today is distincively "American" food they can identify with, but with international flair and accents. That's what makes Bobby's stuff so appealing.

Chef Bayless has a traditional style that mjust may be too much for some Americans

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