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Zarah Maria

Jeanne, they sound gorgeous! I like the combination of the stewed pear and nutmeg, sounds like a marriage made in heaven - I've only ever done plain scones myself.

Thanks for participating in the third edition of SHF!



These scones sound delicious and the nutmeg cream sounds wonderful! I really like the idea that they're dropped rather than rolled out.


Jeanne, pears and nutmeg with cream, ummm! Just right for a cold winter morning and coffee.


Makes me wish we could make real clotted cream here. Sounds great!


Jeanne - these pear nutmeg scones sound amazing! I love scones...not the kind you seem to be able to find in coffee shops here, but real, homemade ones...like these! Thanks so much for the scone lesson and the great recipe! And for sharing in the third edition of Sugar High Fridays!


Well I'm from the South of England and I call it 'skon' too. We used to have a little phrase to settle the argument:
"Its a skown until it's skon", but that's a bit stupid so don't quote me on it.
As for the clotted cream - I have an authentic recipe I have been meaning to try for an age, for Cornish Clotted cream. Maybe i'll try it over the Christmas break. However, the dairy here in the US just isn't going to be the same. I mean, where can you get jersey milk? It's really yellow and fatty and would have most Californians running for a therapy session with their dietician before they'd even started shopping for the ingredients...

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