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Jeanne -- these cookies sound as though they are the perfect combination of cookie and candy with the dulce de leche filling! Yum!

Thanks for particiapating in IMBB # 10!

Seattle Bon Vivant

Hi Jeanne! Great recipe and lovely photo! We are Dulce De Leche fiends (blogged about it recently) and purchase ours from Williams Sonoma. The 16 ounce jar of La Salamandra retails for $9.50. Another brand that is quite good too is Chimbote, also from Argentina and a little less expensive. I think I paid $5.50 at a local Italian grocer. :-)

Zarah Maria

And you referred to æbleskiver - I'm so touched (I'm Danish I might add)! VERY Danish thing, wouldn't call it a cookie, but hey, it's small and good, so who cares?

I remember seeing alfajores all over South America when I travelled there, but never tried one - now I can! Ah, and dulce de leche - now THAT I did try. Your recipe sounds so easy - I've wanted to try making it for a while, but the boiling can project never appealed to me - so thank you for this one!


Jeanne - your cookies look amazing! I have not had these before but am anxious to try them.

Thanks everyone...SBV, I'll have to look for Chimbote in at Lucca (my Italian grocer) thanks for the tip. Zarah, the boiling the can in the pot is nerve racking. The trick is to always keep it submerged in water.

Bronwyn Rolon

My mother always made a holiday cookie we knew only as "Ingrid's Cookies." Thanks to my neighborhood Empanada shop, I am discovering that they are in fact a version of alfajores! The cookie was a simple shortbread made with flour, powdered sugar, butter and a little ice water to bring the dough together. We always made the dulce de leche filling by covering an unopened can of condensed milk with water and keeping it at a low boil for several hours (usually during a long afternoon of holiday baking). I can't compare it to the brands of dulce de leche mentioned above, as I've never tried them, but these "Ingrid's Cookies" always tasted great to me! PS - I've never heard of rose petal jam - sounds fantastic!

Knox Gardner

I am curious about which bakery you bought the alfajores in and how you would rate them? Do you know others? I've not seen them around Boston (except for pre-packaged in Latin markets). We are looking to host an Argentinian theme dinner this week, and thought these would make a nice pre-dessert dessert!



Hola Jeanne,
Thanks for your visit!

These look similar to alfajores de maicena... If you think this recipe has a lot of cornstarch, take a look at mine, that uses even more. :D
Glad to know you all love them, as well as dulce de leche.

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